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joanna elshazly

Joanna Elshazly has a passion for enabling kids to live their lives to the fullest – to be free and live in the abundance of life and liberty that God created them for.

Life and Liberty Press was born as a result of Joanna and her husband Bill going through the international adoption process. During that time, she wrote a daily declaration book for her daughter that would enable her to re-write her own story, find her identity and be confident and at peace in her life. Not wanting to stop at just one book, Joanna decided to leave her position as a charge nurse in a busy, metropolitan emergency room and pursue her passion of writing for children. Life and Liberty Press is a result of this jump into the deep end!

Joanna is a proud Brit at heart but has chosen a life of adventure with God, so she now lives in Texas with the loves of her life.



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